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Discover our dental clinic in Novi Sad

When our patients search for dentists in Novi Sad, in addition to the dental services themselves, they are often interested in the ambiance of the interior of the chosen dental office. We are constantly striving to design a space where everyone can feel completely comfortable with the help of a team of experts.
We are aware that you will overcome fear and get a wide and healthy smile unless you are greeted by a beautiful space where your problems will be treated. If you add the kindness of our complete staff to the quiet, warm and beautifully designed dental environment, then you will be aware that you are in the right hands.

Smile Gallery

What else might be the success of a service, if not the satisfaction of those who use the service. Our past work with patients has been recounted in thousands upon thousands of different cases and different treatments. However, there is one thing that everyone will be able to agree on and confirm to you that Dr Rakic's dental office in Novi Sad does not leave without a broad, radiant and healthy smile.
In order to bring you closer to the results of our decades-long practice, we have selected for you randomly selected photographs of the appearance of teeth and mouths of patients who have given us confidence. From the attached it is clear that they all received joy in return!

Prosthetics - Metal Ceramics

Metal ceramic prosthetics are not just about making up for it. We guarantee the highest esthetics and natural appearance of your teeth.

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Teeth Whitening

Tooth whitening is a very sought after treatment, and Dr Rakic's dental office in Novi Sad will make your smile beautiful.


Tooth implants are made to last for a long time, and when properly maintained, will give you a sense of comfort and stability.

Zircon Glass Ceramics

The dentist in Novi Sad also offers you this type of fixed prosthetic therapy, because it provides the most natural transparency and color of the teeth.

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