Tradition, experience and pleasant atmosphere

Dr. Jasmina Rakic founded a specialist dental practice in 1992 in Novi Sad.
From the very beginning, our desire has been to give the private dental practice a new dimension. First of all, quality and professional service as well as a special approach to every patient.
We have made every effort to make you feel comfortable in our very comfortable and specially designed environment, that you come to us without fear and panic, and that you leave the best dental office in Novi Sad satisfied.
During the nearly three decades of Dr. Rakic's Dental Practice, we can boast that more than 10,000 satisfied patients are users of our dental services. Our Dental office provides all dental specialist services. In addition to its permanent staff of dental specialists, it employs eminent expert associates from Serbia and abroad. Dental practice Dr. Rakic has been a member of the Chamber of Private Dentists of Serbia since its inception, which is a guarantee of high quality and good service.

Visit us and see for yourself why we proudly carry the epithet of the best dental practice in our city!

Dr Rakić

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Dental Practice Dr Rakic

Dental practice Dr Rakic has been a member of the Chamber of Private Dentists of Serbia since its inception, which is another guarantee of quality and top quality service.
Although our patients often inquire about the cost of dental services, we still suggest that you provide us with an x-ray first to accurately determine the methods and scope of dental procedures. Naturally, the cost of dental treatments depends on the dental treatments required.
There may be cheaper deals in other dental surgeries, but consider if there is a smarter investment than investing in your smile through collaboration with the best and most equipped dental practice in Novi Sad!

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Feel joy with a full smile!

Your smile is our success.

Some things in life just don't have a price. Such is the case with healthy teeth and mouth. They mark a happy and joyful life on a far greater scale than people think. This is what the first moment when you see yourself in the mirror after a successful dental procedure tells us. You have done a very important thing for your ego and your overall health, you can laugh, chew the food you want or just be able to go to bed at night without any pain.

Our house has helped you to overcome the problems and overcome all your fears about the health of the inside of your mouth for many years. Numerous studies have shown that people do not like going to the dentist because of anxiety and potential fear of pain.